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Is Optimal Cognition, Emotion and Social: A Right or a Choice? (Click Here)

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Dr Rajini Sarvananthan
Consultant Developmental and General Paediatrician,
Parkcity Medical Centre.

Dr Rajini embarked on her career in Paediatrics in 1994, having completed her MBBS in the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. She further subspecialised in Developmental Paediatrics and Neurodisability in the UK before returning to Malaysia at the end of 2003. Together with a team of Developmental Paediatrics, Clinical Psychologist and other Allied Health Professionals, she was involved in stating the first local Child Development Centre at UKM Medical Centre. In the last 8 years, Dr Rajini has been actively working in the community with multidisplinary settings. Currently, she is part of the Child Development Centre at Parkcity Medical Centre.