Managing Diabetes In A Pandemic Situation MDA Webinar Series

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Speakers Profile

Prof Dr Winnie Chee Siew Swee 
Dean of School of Health Sciences
International Medical University

Prof Dr Winnie Chee is a Professor in the Dept of Nutrition & Dietetics and current Dean of School of Heath Sciences, International Medical University (IMU), Malaysia. Prof Chee has more than 25 years of experience as a dietitian, academician and researcher in the field of nutrition & dietetics. Prof Chee is the current President of the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association and recognized for her expertise in evidence-based diet and lifestyle management of chronic diseases including bone health, diabetes and renal.


Ms Agnes Siew Ling Tey
Senior Clinical Scientist 
Abbott Nutrition Research and Development 

Agnes Siew Ling Tey is a Senior Clinical Scientist at Abbott Nutrition Research and Development (ANRD) Asia Pacific Center in Singapore since 2016. She is the lead scientist for the SHIELD clinical study in 1200 community-dwelling elderly as well as several nutrition studies in glycemic control area.

Prior to joining Abbott, Agnes was a Research Fellow at A*STAR, Singapore for over three years. Agnes has a BCApSc, an MSc with distinction and a PhD in Human Nutrition. All three degrees were obtained from the University of Otago, New Zealand. After obtaining her PhD, she did her first postdoctoral research at the same university.

Agnes has published over 30 articles in international peer-reviewed journals and an evidence-based position statement for the National Heart Foundation of New Zealand. Her research interests lie in the innovative dietary approaches for the prevention and management of cardiometabolic diseases, obesity, and malnutrition in diverse population groups.