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Prof Dr Suzana Shahar
University Lecturer
The National University of Malaysia

Prof Dr Suzana Shahar is a Professor in Nutrition and Dietetics from the Healthy Aging and Wellness Research Centre and Dean, Faculty of Health Sciences, The National University of Malaysia, and fellow of the Malaysian Dietitians’ Association. She obtained her BSc (Hons) (Dietetics) from The National University of Malaysia, MMed Sci (Human Nutrition) and PhD (Human Nutrition) from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom. Her research interest is on nutrition and epidemiology of aging, nutrition and neuroscience and cancer. She has just completed a nationwide project on ‘Neuroprotective Model for Healthy Longevity among Malaysian Elderly’, funded by the Ministry of Education. She is currently leading a clinical trial (LRGS Ageless) to reverse cognitive frailty among Malaysian older adults funded by the Ministry of Higher Education, under the auspice of the World Wide Finger Trial. She is also leading a few other projects including ‘Development of strategies for salt reduction for food eating outside of home’ funded by the Newton Ungku Omar-MRC Fund and Resolve Project to develop salt reduction targets for processed foods. She filed two patents related to aging, oxidative stress, cognition and nutrition, ie. TP 3 in 1, polyphenol rich formulation and ulam raja dried powder formulation. She involved in several national and international task forces including the Malaysian Dietary Guidelines, Healthy Choice Logo, Salt Reduction Strategies; the World Health Organization Group Development Guideline for Dementia Risk Reduction, International Research on Dementia Prevention and Consortium on Longitudinal Studies on Memory.

Speaker Abstract

Yeast Beta Glucan in Supporting Immune Health for the Young & Elderly
Prof Dr Suzana Shahar
Center for Healthy Ageing and Wellness (H-care),
Level G, Blok J, Faculty of Health Sciences,
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, 50300 Kuala Lumpur

Respiratory tract infections are the most common form of infections in every age category. Typical and common problems associated with early childhood which will have high direct or indirect cost on healthcare system. This may potentially be due to immature immunity in children and high exposure to various respiratory pathogens RTI can also be observed in adults more so during exhausting and stressful periods, chronic inflammatory diseases, secondary immunodeficiencies and in elite athletes which require greater attention.

Based on published studies, the application of natural immunomodulator known as yeast beta glucan, a biological active polysaccharide was proven as a possible therapeutic and preventive approach in managing and preventing recurrent respiratory tract infections in children, adults and in elite athletes.