Rising Star Award

This award is given to recognize the achievement of a young, emerging member who plays a critical role in the clinical, community and professional grounds of the dietetics industry. The award is important to honour the achievements of our young dietitian. The emergence of these young leaders is critical to the future MDA and the members we serve.


  1. Eligibility criteria
    • Both the nominee and the nominators have to be active MDA Ordinary Members of the year of nomination.
    • The nominee must be currently working/residing in Malaysia
    • A nominator can only provide one (1) Letter of Nomination. The repeated nomination may result in the rejection of all Letters of Nomination. The following supporting documents shall be submitted:
      • A nomination form
      • Description of the achievement in the field of dietetics, including to Malaysian Dietitians’ Association 
    • The nominee should submit the electronic e-portfolio as requested which include the evidence of achievements relevant to the award before the due date: 12th May 2023
      • Examples of e-portfolio can be found here: Click here
  2. Merit Criteria
    As the intent of the award is to honour outstanding young emergence dietitians, the MDA Rising Star Award will be judged based on professionalism, achievement, leadership and contribution on professional grounds of the dietetic industry, based on the following merit criteria: 
    • Aged 35 years old or less at the time of nomination and evidence of dietetics-related career of at least five years   
    • Demonstrate professional excellence through dedication and commitment to the profession, patients and/or broader community. 
    • Has outstanding vision and strong leadership with a demonstrated ability to steer and implement change for the dietetic profession. 
    • Acts as a role model by demonstrating outstanding competence and professionalism in the practice setting that meets dietetic standards of practice.

All nominations must be submitted via email at mda.awardsgrants@gmail.com by 5pm on 7th April 2023* 

*Important date: The Award, Scholarship and Grant (ASG) Committee will receive and review nominations and invite  the nominee to work on the electronic portfolio starting 12th April 2023. The nominee must submit the e-portfolio by 12th May 2023 for further evaluation by the panel judges.  


Click here to download the nomination form